1 Year Warranty

mediaXtreme offers a 1 year warranty for all electronic products without exception.
If items are defective for non-artificial reasons within one year (from the date of arrival), customers can send them back for free repairs. Disassembly, misuse, fall or any other artificial factor caused the damage, then the item has a voided warranty.
mediaXtreme will cover some or all handling fee for the repair and replacement of a component that was shipped with a defect (motherboard and display are not within the scope of this free repair policy).

Return policy

mediaXtreme advises each customer to read the following regulations carefully before starting their purchase.

DOA (defective items upon arrival)

Customers must inform us within 2 days if items are defective upon arrival, including if the outer packaging has broken or is out of shape. Immediately file a case and get a paper proof with a stamp from the shipping company.
Email us with detailed images that show defective items, package situations and case number or paper for proof. With the case number, we will quickly confirm the incident and obtain compensation from the shipping provider.
We will send you a new replacement or we will give you the full refund for the defective item. In this situation, we may ask you to return the defective item before we send you a new one, if it is of high value.

The outer packaging is in good shape, while the inside is broken.

  1. Immediately send us some pictures of the package and defective items.
  2. After confirmation, we will ship out a replacement or give you a full refund.
In this situation, we must consider if the defect was caused by the assembly or packaging at the store, such as lacking strong bubble protection, so that our store department may make some improvements when packaging the product. We ask that you send the defective item before we send you a new one, if it is of high value.

Items missing on arrival

Contact us immediately by sending us an email. Tell us the case number and send us some pictures showing all the items you received, all the labels on the packaging, and also the package situations. We will resend you the missing items after we confirm the situation.
Most importantly, if you have the receipt of the tax commission, do not hesitate to take a photo for us, as the weight can tell us something about what is missing.

Wrong items on arrival

If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, contact us with photos of each item you received that is different Most importantly, we need the barcode and quality control number found on the box. If you are willing to keep the incorrect items, we will offer a 10% discount off the value of the item as compensation, unless the item you received is less expensive than the one you intended to order. If you do not want to keep it, you can return it and we will cover the shipping costs. We ask all customers to please contact our customer service department for an RMA before returning the items.

Shipping costs Q&A

Q: Who is responsible for return shipping costs when the item does not work?
A: It depends on how many days you have used the item.
Under some circumstances, the replacement or refund can only be made after we received the returned items.For items requiring a refund, there should be no scratches or any damage in appearance, or the restocking fee will be applied.
If any component has been changed (except the battery and motherboard), the service department will bill you. Note that all artificial factors, such as misuse, that caused battery damage or damage to the motherboard are outside of the warranty, item replacement, and refund guarantee.
Customers are responsible for the return shipping fee, if they want to return the item. After we receive the returned item, we will refund or ship the replacement..
It does not work on arrival: GKB (replacement warranty or refund) mediaXtreme will be responsible for the return shipping fee if it is the DOA item, and after we receive the returned package we will send the new replacement on our account or we will refund you. For US customers, we offer local return service for DOA cases, if customers pay for the return service from the United States (2.99 USD, which can be found in the last step of payment).

Within 1 month: GKB (free repair guarantee)

mediaXtreme will give you partial shipping rate credit in the form of coupons and part of the refund to your CC account.

Within 1 to 6 months: GKB and part of the customer (repair free guarantee only).

Items must be returned on behalf of customers for free repair. MediaXtreme will pay for the shipment of the repaired to the customers.
Within 6 to 12 months: Customer (repair free guarantee only). Customers pay the round trip shipping fee to return the items for free repair within one year.


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