mini PC Stick A Correct Solution

Not all mini PCs are the same. SuperGoogie is super fast: 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM

mini PC

How small can a Windows PC be?
The size of a USB Flash drive, this mini rectangular PC Stick only measures 4 x 1.5 x .5. This Stick is so small that you can carry it in your pocket; it fits in the palm of your hand.


Not all mini PCs are the same. SuperGoogie is super fast: 4GB RAM / 64GB ROM. Supports up to 128GB internal memory, and 1TB external to run your applications, save your videos, photos, documents, [and more]. The SuperGoogie processor is an Intel® Atom ™ quad-core that gives you maximum performance with minimal power usage. Connect. Compute. Easy. Simple. A computer with the flexibility of a mobile device.


SuperGoogie is ideal for offices and educational centers, allowing easy educational, business or personal presentations. Simply connect the device to an HDMI TV, monitor or projector, and PRESTO!

The performance you need for content creation, photo editing, or complex work, and optimized for Microsoft Office.
4K Ultra HD with the latest videos and movies.

Android Smart TV Box PRO

The most powerful Streamer
Miracast, Google Play,  MX Media Player Application
3GB RAM – 32 ROM
Fully Supports 4K, 1080P and 3D HD Streaming

Intel Wireless Display Adapter

For those looking for a very simple solution for entertainment and professional work.
Stream entertainment from your device to your TV or any type of digital screen.

It works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone and tablet, Mac® and Windows® laptop.
t’s easy to control the TV from anywhere in your home.

WIFI Wireless and WIDI-Miracast Dongle
Support: Resolution: 1080, 4K
Support: Cast, Air, Mirror and DLNA
CPU: AM8251
Split Screen for multiple OS, up to 4.
You may use your device as your source and remote control.
Play your movies, videos, pictures on your TV screen.
Support: Windows, Mac 10.7.
Android 4.0+, iPhone, iPad (IOS6+)
Much Better than Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter and Chromecast


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